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Talking Calligraphy with Maisie

We spoke to Maisie who will be running two great Calligraphy workshops at The Base to find out more about her and what to expect from her classes.

Hi Maisie, we love Calligraphy and can't wait for your return, thanks so much for telling us more!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself...
My name is Maisie, and I have been the Lead Calligrapher for Kirsten Burke Calligraphy for 2 years, having previously specialised in wedding signage and personalised home made items, running my own small business from home since I got married almost 8 years ago!

When was your first experience of calligraphy?

When I was about 7 I received a certificate that had my name written on it in the most amazing gilded calligraphy. I can't even remember what the certificate was for, but i distinctly remember falling in love with the lettering. I had never seen my name written so beautifully, and at the time my name was some what unusual, so it wasn't printed on anything personalised. Seeing my growing interest, my mum bought me a traditional calligraphy kit. I still have the booklet that came with it somewhere!

What’s best about it?

I really like thinking up compositions, and working out how you can get somebody to understand the intentions and emotions behind a piece from just looking at it.

I love the personality that can be put into modern calligraphy. I enjoy the freedom of not being confined to everything being identical and precise.

What can participants expect from your Modern Calligraphy Dual Techniques and Brush Calligraphy workshops?
To come away with a spark of excitement for a new hobby! I hope they will feel intrigued and inspired to explore their own style and to allow themselves a bit of "me time" to enjoy something that is so relaxing and focusing.

Using just 3 words, tell us why people should come…

Inspiration, creativity, enjoyment!

Join Maisie at The Base on Tuesday 26 February for Modern Calligraphy Dual Techniques and Thursday 21 March for Brush Calligraphy.