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Talking Character Illustration with Emily

We caught up with Emily our Introduction to Character Illustration practitioner to find out about her and the exciting children's workshop she will be delivering in March.

Hi Emily!

We are looking forward to your Introduction to Character Illustration workshop coming to The Base and so happy you agreed to answer some questions for us. Shall we begin?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself...
I'm an illustrator and animation producer working in Hampshire, l love children's books and I have a pet hedgehog!

When was your first experience of Character Illustration?
I've always loved to draw - I picked up a pencil and started scribbling before I was even a year old. My Grandad wasn't very happy about this because I scribbled all over his business papers! I'd draw people and animals and make up stories about them. I've never really stopped, I just got my own sketchbook to scribble in!

What’s your favourite part of it?

I love the fact that with simple tools like paper and pencils you can create a whole world and bring characters to life.

What can participants expect from your Introduction to Character Illustration workshop?

This workshop will be really fun, we'll work on our drawing skills and loosen up with some drawing games and then we'll get in to the exciting business of creating characters based on the participants ideas. I hope everyone will go away with some tools to help them draw and create characters, and get past that scary feeling we sometimes get looking at a blank page, wondering what to draw!

Using just 3 words, tell us why people should come...

Imagination, fun, creativity!

Join Emily for an Introduction to Character Illustration on Sunday 10 March, 1pm - 4pm at The Base. Suitable for ages 7 - 11.