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Creative Challenge of the Week: Build the Tallest Tower

Monday 1st Jun 2020 — Friday 31st Jul 2020

A selection of wooden blocks of different colours and shapes. In the middle is a stack of blocks with a scatter of singular blocks around it.

For our Creative Challenge of the Week we want you to build the tallest tower.

How you go about building your tower is entirely up to you, but it will require creative thinking and inventive ideas!

This challenge is all about construction, so you will need think about materials and structure. You may want to have a go with paper, cardboard, LEGO, or any other materials you have to hand. Remember, tall structures need stability so think about the strength of the materials you choose and how you can use them to make your tower as tall as possible!

Most importantly, be creative with your build - the sky’s the limit!

Show us how high you can go and share your tower with us!
Tag @cornexchangenewbury or @thebasegreenham.
Alternatively, email getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk