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Creative Challenge of the Week: Create Your Own Logo

Monday 13th Jul 2020 — Friday 31st Jul 2020

This week’s Creative Challenge is an homage to influential American graphic designer Milton Glaser (1929-2020), who designed the iconic I (heart) NY logo.

Created for a tourism campaign in 1977, the bold logo quickly gained recognition, becoming a world-renowned logo and symbol of New York City. Milton came up with the idea in 1976 while in a taxi, sketching a simple design in red crayon on an envelope. This is now part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Click here to see this original sketch online.This simple idea became the iconic logo we recognise today, which shows how even simple ideas can sometimes be the start of bigger things!

So, why was this design so successful? Curator of MOMA, Paola Antonelli says, 'The not-so-well-kept secret of Milton’s success has been simple and bold messages conveyed with devastating elegance and talent'.

Your challenge this week is to create your own graphic logo for your home town, village or city.
In this unprecedented time, we have all been spending so much more time at home and in our local areas and we would like you to be inspired by Milton’s bold graphic design to create a logo to celebrate the place that you call home.

You might like to do this digitally or simply with paper, pens and pencils. Think about what graphic lettering, shapes or symbols you could use. And what colours would reflect your village town or city.

Share your logo design with us! Tag @cornexchangenewbury or @thebasegreenham. Alternatively, email getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk

If you are interested to learn more about Milton Glaser’s work, click here to watch Milton discuss the creation of this famous design. To discover the many other fantastic graphic artworks by Milton Glaser, visit Milton Glaser | MoMA.