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Creative Challenge of the Week: Knitted Hearts Campaign

Monday 20th Apr 2020 — Friday 31st Jul 2020

Help us to support this inspiring initiative to support families affected by Covid-19.

In these difficult times, creativity can be a great tool to help others. We are supporting a wonderful creative initiative that will make a real difference to families severely affected by Covid-19. Intensive Care nurse Laura Kirby-Deacon started an initiative to encourage people to knit a pair of hearts to give to seriously ill patients and their families as a small keepsake for those who lose loved ones. Click here to hear more about Laura’s story and her initiative featured on the BBC.

So, it’s time to get knitting or crocheting hearts to help support and comfort families and their loved ones in intensive care at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon.

While you can choose any pattern or colour of wool, there are a few important guidelines to follow;

- Use clean yarn.
- Hearts are small enough to fit in an A5 envelope.
- Hearts must be sealed in a taped bag, such as a freezer bag or bin liner.
- All sealed bags must be dated, so that 72 hours can lapse before hearts are used.

Getting Started

If you need a pattern to follow, we have the perfect heart pattern provided by Amanda Berry to get you started. To access the pattern visit Ravelry: Hearts pattern by Amanda Berry or you can download the PDF.

We have some keen knitters here at the Corn Exchange and we would like to share their tips and tricks for getting started!

Top tips
- If you don't know some of the stitches, you can find really good step-by-step guides on YouTube to help you out.
- If you're just starting out and find crochet patterns hard to follow, YouTube videos offer guidance on patterns as well as demonstrating the various stitches involved (And it means you can pause and repeat instructions as many times as you want!)
- Any bits of scrap wool that you have left over from previous projects can be used to be made into granny squares, that can be stitched together to make a wonderfully colourful blanket.
- This creative challenge is a great project for beginners because you can complete it very quickly.
- Closely follow the pattern and the number of stitches on each row.
- It’s important to use a decent wool darning needle to sew them up. It’s easier to knit a few as you get into a rhythm and then sew them up in a batch.

Once your hearts are complete and in a sealed bag, post your envelopes to:

Brighter Futures at the GWH,
Great Western Hospital,
Marlborough Rd,