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Creative Challenge of the Week: Upcycling

Tuesday 19th May 2020 — Friday 31st Jul 2020

For our Creative Challenge of the Week, we’re asking you to get creative and upcycle. This means transforming something you have at home to make something new!

We all know how important it is to consider our impact on the environment so we want to challenge you to reduce and reuse! Thinking creatively to reduce waste can enable us to reuse even simple everyday rubbish. Transforming something you may have thrown away into something new is a fun and creative way to recycle.

You may like to decoupage an old jar or transform a glass bottle into a flower vase! Redesign an old piece of clothing or create a pencil holder out of empty toilet rolls. There are endless ideas to find in recycle bins or around the home, you just have to think creatively and use materials you have to hand.

So before you throw something away this week, ask yourself ‘what can I make with this?' - and show us how creatively inventive you can be!

Fancy turning a glass bottle into a rustic vase? Below is a guide which details all the materials and instructions on how to do this project at home!

Share your upcycled projects with us! Simply tag @cornexchangenewbury or @thebasegreenham. Alternatively, you can email getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk