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Introduction to Gouache

Sunday 11th Jun 2023, The Lookout Studio, The Base

An image of a painted jug of flowers. On the left of the painting there are two paintbrushes with tested paint and on the right there are tubes of gouche paint in green and blue.

Gouache, pronounced “goo-ash”, is an incredibly versatile paint sometimes referred to as “opaque watercolour.”

It is water soluble like watercolours but has an opaque finish like acrylics. Gouache has a beautifully vibrant matte finish, and works incredibly well with other mediums such as ink, coloured pencils and watercolours, which makes it such an appealing paint to work with.

During the workshop you will discover the different properties of gouache and learn how to apply the paint using various techniques such as wet-on-wet, dry brush and opaque layering. You will then apply your new creative knowledge and paint your own still life on a gorgeous piece of hot-press paper.

This gouache workshop is designed for beginners and no experience is necessary.

Duration: 10am - 12.30pm

All materials are included

All tickets must be booked in advance

There is no need to print or collect a ticket as the team will have a record of those who have booked. Booking for workshops and courses close 24 hours before the start time. Please note we reserve the right to cancel any course or workshop if the minimum numbers are not met. If we are not able to run a workshop you will be informed three working days ahead of the course or workshop start date.