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James Peaple: An ugly lovely town

Thursday 8th Jun 2023 — Saturday 22nd Jul 2023, Runway Gallery, The Base

We are thrilled to welcome photographer James Peaple to our Runway Gallery.

Displaying an exhibition of images inspired by 'places' in the "ugly lovely" town of Swansea that shaped Dylan Thomas' creative identity as an artist. The images represent a visual interpretation of the moods created by the language in his works, based on connectivity with the places which initially inspired them.

Three works by Dylan Thomas have been seminal to their creation:

"Extraordinary Little Cough" 1939, "The Hunchback in The Park" 1941 and "The Return Journey"1947

FREE ENTRY - the Runway Gallery is open 8am until 5pm Monday to Sunday.

About the artist

James Peaple’s work aims to creatively explore relationships between memory, identity and place. In doing so, he seeks to consider how cultural connections between people, their locations and objects develop and are communicated through image to audience.

Peaple’s practice is based on experimental techniques, using the image to transport the viewer to different periods of fabricated realities. These relationships have been most recently considered in an exploration of how the ‘ugly, lovely town’ of Swansea shaped Dylan Thomas’ identity as an artist, re-interpreting the places that resonate throughout his work.

James is a former student of Park House School in Newbury and currently a graduate from The University of Wales St. David in Swansea where he studied Photography in The Arts and intends to continue his studies as a postgraduate student.

Visit James Peaple's website for more information: