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Learning Challenge of the Week

Monday 30th Mar 2020 — Friday 31st Jul 2020

A cartoon-like illustration of a group of about fifteen men, women and children of different races and ages. They are all smiling, some with their hands up in the air in excitement. The background is white.

Learning Challenge of the Week w/c 30 March

Home School Logo Challenge

We are excited to launch our first learning challenge. As so many families are at home with children and young people being home schooled, we are challenging you to get creative and imaginative to design a home school logo.

Families across the country are doing a fabulous job at combining home life with learning during this time, and what better way is there to visually show your family’s strength and unity than in your own personalised logo.

Your logo could feature family members, pets, favourite subjects, patterns or anything that is meaningful at this time. So long as it reflects you and your family. Get drawing or making and take a picture to show us what it is like to part of your family home school!

SO, what could your family win?

The winning entry will be transformed into an official logo by a professional artist, which can then be kept and proudly displayed in your home.

How to enter

To enter, please email your logo designs to getInvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk

Alternatively, you can post your pictures on our social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Make sure you tag @cornexchangenewbury or @thebasegreenham and include the hashtag #ourhomeschool

The closing date is next week, Tuesday 7 April and the winning entry will be announced on social media.

Get creative and start designing!