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Learning Challenge of the Week w/c 13 April

Monday 13th Apr 2020 — Tuesday 30th Jun 2020

A cartoon-like illustration of a group of about fifteen men, women and children of different races and ages. They are all smiling, some with their hands up in the air in excitement. The background is white.

Learning Challenge of the Week w/c 13 April

This week, join our Early Years and Education Officer, Becci, for a historical play-writing challenge!

This week’s challenge is in three parts and it’s all about history!

Part 1:
Choose somebody interesting from history who you want to research. It could be a famous writer or a nurse or a politician. You might need to do some research to work out who you want to find out more about! Once you’ve got your person in mind, your challenge is to find out everything you can about that person. What clothes did they wear? Where did they live? What food did they eat? What was society like in their time and country? If you wanted to, you could create a character profile to collect all your information!

Part 2:
Now imagine that that person was transported through time and space to Great Britain in April 2020. What would they think of modern life? What is the same and what’s different? What questions might they have? What problems might they run into? If you wanted to, you could create a big spider diagram of all your ideas!

Part 3:
So here’s your main challenge. Using all the information you’ve gathered and your imaginative superpowers, write a short play script about your historical character’s adventure to 21st century Britain during a pandemic! You could even video your family acting it out in your house! Happy Play-Writing everybody!

We’d love to read your scenes so please do email them to us at getinvolved@cornexchangenew.co.uk