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Charlotte Crawford


Base Resident Artist

Medium: Abstract Painting and Mixed Media

Charlotte, also known as The Autistic Artist, is a modern abstract artist from Berkshire. Charlotte creates a variety of colourful and bright work with the aim of making people smile and to encourage positivity. For Charlotte, this is especially important in current times when more vibrancy and fun is much needed. Charlotte works primarily with acrylic paint but also loves to experiment with different materials to create different textures.

Charlotte's self-titled name “The Autistic Artist” is due to her diagnosis in 2021 and sharing her story is integral to both her vision and artistic expression.

'After years of struggling with my mental health it got to a breaking point and I ended up in hospital. Following this I worked with various professionals and it was decided that autism and ADHD were the reasons for my constant struggles. Hearing a professional say this, was a complete light bulb moment and I finally felt understood. I want to embrace my differences and make people feel more comfortable with them, hence my artist name. Enjoy your individuality and don’t hide from it.’

Charlotte believes art in all forms is to be enjoyed by the viewer and the creator.