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Samantha Emmons


Base Resident Artist

"Across the glossy surface a vaporous ripple forms. Then another, filmy and pale, half-hiding, half revealing”(Quote from “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris)

This description renders the surface of Samantha's paintings where her relationship between nature and painting is explored. Fluidity, transparency, reflection, tactility, organic and ephemeral qualities are achieved evoking the metamorphosis of life.

This is achieved through the tactile quality of materials used-such as oil and varnish. The paint is applied both through pouring motions and delicately controlled movements and drips allowing the material autonomy as well as artist intervention.

Different methods of pouring are used and various textures are applied to the varnish at different stages of drying giving the surface an added element of growth. Samantha is currently experimenting with other materials such as sand, glue, wire, as well as metallic paints and surfaces to give the painting a different life when viewing from various angles.

The materials and techniques allow the 2-dimensional surface of the painting to become much more as the voluptuous colour and liquid quality of paint alludes to 3-dimensional form. A depth is created inviting the viewer to dive into the world of the painting where forms are suspended or growing from the surrounding space.

Surface and depth or illusion and object are evident in my paintings both in the depth of the solid ‘box like’ structures with large plain surface areas, and the contrasting surface of the paint which grows around the canvas holding an intensity of colour and depth of it’s own.