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Veronica Kendik


Medium: Painting

Veronica creates abstract and semi-abstract paintings which capture layers of light, layers of memory and layers of time.

Thin veils of transparent colours are laid one over another to contrast with multiple broken and fragmented layers of richly textured paint which is excavated down into, finally making and remaking the various layers into a newly created whole. Veronica loves the tactile, at times almost sculptural quality of paint and the exploration of paint as a medium. This is a journey of constant experimentation and discovery which leads to a joyful and ever-renewing engagement with the world around me.

Veronica takes inspiration from the landscape of the beautiful nearby Berkshire Downs as well as from more rugged terrain further afield such as the Cornish coast and the landscapes of southern Europe. Fascinated by the ever-changing interplay between sky, land and water, Veronica draws on the memories of past journeys and distill them into images which evoke an elemental sense of the ‘spirit of place’.